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Storyboards are way more than just pretty illustrations. One must consider many factors when working with a production including knowledge of budget, limitations, techniques and a certain level of experience is for sure a winning card in those meeting with directors always on the run and producers that need the job done yesterday.
You can't improvise without a solid base of storytelling, techniques and why not being totally up to date with the industry. And let's not forget the passion.
For all of these reasons and more than 20 years in the business I can assure you will be in good hands.

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Every storyboard serves a main function, and the same board may also have some sub-functions. The storyboard may be used to estimate the post production costs or to coordinate the special effects and stunts. Storyboards come to the rescue to test an idea, troubleshoot any potential problems in filming, and display the progression of the work in order to keep the client at ease about the schedule. When discussions about alternate solutions to tell the story in the best way arise, the storyboard is there to help show possible solutions.

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